Where to Buy Soft Tubs

Choosing the right soft tubs involves you to consider a whole lot of issues. Some are in your control on how to use them,  while others are not in your grip and it is a situational call that one has to take. The constraints of the existing bathroom to have a share in this regard. The choice is to a large extend dedicated by the evolution of technology as well. In the modern day scenario, you can incorporate sound and light into a modern bathtub as well. The bottom line is that emerges from this discussion is that choosing a soft tub involves some first-hand knowledge upfront and then you can go on to take a decision in a wise manner.

The basics of soft tubs

Most of the bathtubs that are available in the market are available in a host of colors, shapes, sizes and not forgetting to mention the design part. But before you pick and choose  the things you need to pay attention to the below-mentioned options that will narrow down your choice considerably

  • Do you have a physical constraint in the form of a space( say an existing bathtub need to be replaced and in that place, a new one needs to be put)

There is no form of constraint in choosing a bathtub of your choice.

  • If you have clear-cut knowledge about the above two facts, then half your journey in the choice of a bathtub is eradicated.

The manners in which soft tubs can be installed.

It is similar to a kitchen sink, where the configurations are influenced by the type of the bathtub you buy. Say for example if you are planning to replace your existing bathtub with a new one ,then there is no need to crack your brains on it as it works out to be a straight away swap process. On the other, if you are changing the layout of your bathroom, then you have more in terms of choices.

Rectangular in shape, it can be positioned adjacent to the three walls of the bathroom and it can be open from one side. In fact, the front as well as the back along with one side of the bathtub is covered by the walls of the bathroom or some form of structure and in a lot of ways resembles an adjacent wall relating to shower.

It all depends on the manufacturer ,and in some ways, it can be conferred the tag of a standard bath tub. It can be designed in the form of right-hand or left-hand installation and in a way it signifies that the drain is on the right or the left side.

Installation of the free standing type

It tends to sit by itself in the bathroom and there is no form of support structure involved. A vintage tub is a classical example in this regard and the only drawback is that they need to be located near the draining pipe.

Platform installation

It is a deck mounted and a drop in type of installation. An example that strikes our mind is the air tub. On one side of the tub, there will be removable panels where you can access the plumbing and other hardware features associated with this tub.

Corner installation

Ideally, this can take the form of all the installations that are mentioned above. Though the main point that you need to consider is the location of the fixture. In this regard, the orientation of the tub may have a huge share in this regard.

The features and innovations that you need to be aware of in the choice of a soft tub?

In the days gone by when, you purchased soft tubs, the prime objective of it was to hold water. But that is not the case anymore. With technology being part of it in a big way, one looks for the add-on features associated with it. So before you embark on purchasing it, you need to be aware of what all options are available in store.

One feature that is a must in soft tubs is that it should contain a heater. But if there is a heater in it, there is a strong chance that the water movement may be a tinge restricted. Some of them have electronic gadgets where the entire operation is controlled by a remote control. The emergence of electronics has taken away the knobs and dialers out of the question.

Points to look for when you buy a soft tub?

You need to understand the fact that buying a soft tub possess a different challenge altogether than buying a kitchen sink or other accessories. The plans and what you want for your bathroom influence your decision to a large extent. Now the question is that are you looking for a standard soft tub that will accumulate the little ones? The point is that you cannot replace your soft tub every now and then as your design considerations of the bathroom come into play.

Now the best would be to consider the start off point. New constructions pave way for more space for experimentations. The same fact can be conferred for the remodeling of the bathroom as well. So you can choose a larger soft tub or anyone as per the design specifications of the bathroom. You need to have an eye on replacing your soft tub if you are changing the design parameters of your bathroom.

Where to buy soft tubs?

This is billion dollar question as everything starts and ends here. The best place to locate them are the online stores where the choices are unlimited and at the same time, you can come across the latest in terms of design.  If you are lucky enough you can also earn a handsome discount. The physical stores will not be a bad option if you want to see and feel the tub.

So buy one at the earliest for your little one!

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