Are Soft Tubs Worth It?

We can all agree that soft tubs are not a necessity, so people often see them as another item that does is not cheap and seems kind of luxurious and unnecessary. And just by looking at them, it may seem that way.

Are they worth it?

But looking from a perspective of a 30 year old family oriented and fun-loving guy, this cannot be further from the truth. I have had a soft tub for 7 years now and it is the best thing I have ever purchased. I located it in the back of my house, where we have a place to kind of unwind and chill out. I also was able to install it all by myself; because all you have to do is plug it in and they will inflate (they run on 110V).

I have 2 daughters, and they really love our soft tub. In the summer, my wife and I like to teach them how to swim in it, we play with them (and of course, hundreds of inflatable animals) in the tub and we always have a great time. It became our little family ritual and I really like spending this time with our daughters this way. I also grill in the yard, so after our playtime the dinner is right on the table and then we usually watch the sunset.

But on weekends, when I get to spend some times with my buddies, they all usually want to hang out at our house – thanks to the soft tub. A couple of years ago, we also bought a portable TV and so we located it close to the tub. So when we hang out, we usually watch a game, relax in the soft tub and then make some hamburgers – a typical dad’s hangout.

When we have a play dates for our kids, they all love the soft tub. Birthday parties at our house are just the most fun! And because they are portable, you can also carry them everywhere.

Other positive and really great facts are:

  • It is very hygienic (it has an automatic cleaning function),
  • contains less chemicals than other tubs (its use has significantly dropped),
  • is very weather resistant,
  • it is quiet,
  • it is energy efficient (leader in heat recycling technology) and
  • it is very comfortable.

Overall I would like to state, that soft tubs are the best things you can for you and your family’s good times! You cannot go wrong with buying a soft tub.

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