Are Soft Tubs Any Good?

Advantages of using soft tubs

For the living beings on the planet, water is the most important source. Calling as elixir of life, we need water to stay hydrated and to survive. Besides water acts as a source of medicine stress relief, relaxation and also as an entertainment factor for all. Nowadays, warm water wellness is spreading as a craze among those who suffer from Arthritis, Stress, and Sports related injuries. All of such could be easily managed and cured by water treatment with the help of both soft tubs and hot tubs. Hence for the question – Are soft tubs any goodness present within it? The answer is big Yes!

Most of the people think that water treatment being provided in the spa and massage centers are of only entertainments, but not absolutely. Many doctors and health specialists state that water treatments from both soft tubs & hot tubs or water treatments possibly cure many such illnesses and cure many muscle injuries. In fact, the science behind the heat, buoyancy and water movements do some actions & reactions in the human body thus relax the muscles and re-energize the entire system.

Goodness of Soft tubs

When getting soaked in the soft tub, the blood vessels and muscles got loosen up making the human feel more tranquil feeling fresh and energetic. Not only to the body and to the mind also, it provides a healthy touch. The California Energy Commission states that Soft tub is the most energy efficient tub for gallon. It can be actually kept at 104°F and can be used every day for 20 minutes. The product’s technological attributes include the energy combination of systems: Hydromate, Smart chip Power monitoring and high density insulated cover.

Moreover, soft tubs are recyclable and renewable leaving the product duly sustainable when compare to any other such. There is no harming element wherein purely it is green manufacturing facility with zero harmful VOC levels.

Therapeutic benefits

Heat energy helps the human body to secrete endorphins which are the natural pain relievers. When the body produces endorphins, the individual would feel better, relax and soothing like inside. It also helps soothing the body when he/she has abnormal sleeping patterns. Hence massage is required to those who are in pain or body ache to dilate the blood vessels to settle down the pain, headaches and other such arthritis type pains if any. Body massage makes the body to loosen up the bones hence getting relaxes when the heat / pressure hits the skin. And buoyancy helps body to feel weightless thus it is the perfect relax.

Stress relief

Stress enter the life in various forms, say for personal life, family issues, work, school, office, relationship and much more. Stress leaves human body sleepless nights thus affecting mental health, stress related pains and there could be even over anxious behavior. But with the science boon, hydrotherapy is eth biggest outlet for those who suffer from such symptoms and ailments. Hydrotherapy comprises three major components of: heat, massage and buoyancy.

Human body after a full day 8 hours or a week 40 hours of work schedule tends to feel tired down because of more loads. When gets soaked in the water, the human body would weigh significantly a less amount, force the body to get relax meaning to that no hard work in the water as like on the land. For the workaholics in the world wide, soft tubs are the energy giving elements. When using either spa, or soft tubs or any other water treatments the human jets are directed towards the middle of the back hence giving relax and ease comfort to the entire human system.

The World Sleep Foundation states that human body soaking in warm water before bed time ensures a sound sleep with complete relaxation. A research stud at the University of Sao Paulo states that hydrotherapy helps to get sound sleep and settles down the napping time among the patients of fibromyalgia and anyone who has any form of sleeping ailments. As per science, hydrotherapy stimulates the human immune system and leaves the body to feel stronger and healthier inside.

Reasons for using Soft tubs

1. Portable

Soft tubs are weighing less and easy to install hence it is portable. It is versatile with endless possibilities of resisting limits and redefining abilities.

2. Tranquil

Soft tubs work with smart chip technology and provides relax to the human body leaving to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

3. Energy Efficient

It’s been known for heat recovery and heat recycling technology for over decade’s right from the period of its innovation. It is incorporated with Hydromate motor, pump and heater with single unit for filtering the water. And the filtered water is then heated by excess heat which is generated by the motor by default. It works upon the mechanism of energy consumption reduction at a minimum and this innovative technology using by a high density insulating foam “poly bond” leaves the soft tub a most efficient and effective tub on the market to provide all the well being to the human crowd.

4. Weather Resistant

Whatever be the weather, say for shine or rain and hot waves or cold freeze, the outer vinyl coating of the soft tub is Leather Tex that withstand for all the changes of severe weather situations. It is built to withstand for long lasting durability with weather resistance capability.

5. Hygienic

When coming to the suspecting part that: are soft tubs any good things be provide? Yes, completely. It is absolutely works of auto cleaning function with Ozonator under total hygienic & intensive care. It filters most of the harmful chemicals and leaves the water crystal clear that are mostly agreed to use.

6. Flexible

Flexible means to that: easy installation, foam material for comfy usage and comfort seating arrangement suitable for any position and movements when inside the water.

7. Comfortable

Soft tubs are said for comfort and relaxation. The foam material yet firm – Poly bond provides an ultimate comfort to place inside the tub in any position and a certainly most contented lounging water spa.

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