How Much do Soft Tubs Cost?


If you are looking to buy a soft tub that will bring you all the features you want, you should first know all the costs associated with owning one. In this article we will calculate all the costs. Most of the time, the costs will be buying the tub, costs of running the soft tub and protecting the soft tub from damages.

Price ranges

There are many soft tubs on the market, meaning there are many price points and most buyers are not sure which tub is the best for them. Usually soft tubs that are made for 4 people are somewhat cheaper than the ones that can hold 6.

Down below, you can see some of the best soft tubs on the market under $500. They are highly reviewed and have a lot of costumer feedback, which makes purchasing them that much easier, since you can see what owners of the tub have to say about them.

Under $500

Here are our best selling soft tubs for under $500

Under $1000

Here are some of our best seller for under $1000

Over $1000

If you are not on a strict budget, we recommend these.

Electricity costs

Soft tubs can be used with a standard power outlet, meaning they can be used by anyone and they are more efficient than they were in the past, so electricity costs aren’t that big. If you buy a branded soft tub from a reliable supplier, you can expect around $8-15 a month to keep it running every day. Soft tubs are low amp, meaning they won’t cause power outages or any other electrical problems. For more information on each tub, you can check out our reviews here.


We know that there are many different tubs to choose from. We hope to help you make the decision, as this is a long term investment and we hope to bring satisfaction to our buyers. We recommend that you set with a budget and stick to it, as this will help you choose the right product for your home.

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