Interesting Realism About Soft Tubs

Since America introduced the soft tub in 1985 it becomes the most favorite of the people all over the world. Everybody, after their hectic work, will wish to get relaxed. They either prefer to go to a spa or different recreational clubs.  But after the advent of this Soft tub, there is no need to go out for relaxation. One can leisurely relax in his or her home itself.

Soft tub is a tub, which contains hot water and from one to six people can take a warm bath and can relax and enjoy. Instead of taking a chill bath in a swimming pool many prefer to take a warm relaxing bath using the soft tub.

Why should one go for a Soft tub? Its benefits:

1. Movable

This can be carried with no trouble from one place to the other and fixation process is also very easy. At the same time, it is not possible for one to carry his swimming pool from one place to the other. But this has a convenience of shifting to outdoor areas too. Once a person wants to enjoy his summer vacation in a hill station this could be easily accompanied with him.

2. Soundless

One can be well relaxed in a quiet and calm atmosphere. The manufacturers have given due consideration for this and they have used an innovative Whisper Technology  Softtubmotors and they are so quiet letting one get relaxed to his maximum.

3. Economical

Most of us wish to have a swimming pool but image how much cost and energy it would require in for constructing and maintaining it. Besides, the amount of water it consumes every time is also more.  This Soft tubs very economical than a swimming pool and it so soft and it never hurts the user.

4. Durable

It can resist heat or light it can be used both in indoor as well as outdoor. The Leather Tex the outer vinyl of the soft spa can battle against all weather conditions. They are long lasting and ensure high durability.

5. Sanitary

It is so cool to clean a soft tub. Here cleaning is an automatic function due to Ozonator. It makes cleaning process very easy and enjoyable. Even the lazy person feel it an interesting task.

6. Convenience

It convenience cannot be compared with anything. One can use it according to their own place, time and another choice of preferences.

7. Comfortable

This is so cozy and comfortable to move within. It is not hard and it is so soft to enjoy ones stay within it.

8. Modern

It looks so stylish and takes a perfect fit in one’s preferred place.

9. Therapeutic uses

When one is taking a warm stay in the soft tub, one can get relieved of body pain due to heavy work. It also heals arthritis and relieves mental and physical stress.

Many of them take bath in hot water in order to feel fresh and get relieved from pain. In this case, this acts as a doctor.

9. Safety

Above all this, this provides ultimate safe for all users. One reason why all people will not build swimming pool is a question of safety. Children are tempted to play in the water and at times it will cost their lives. But here the provision of thermal cover ensures absolute safety for children and adults.

Models of Soft tub

There are different types of models of Soft tub available in the market. The most common types are

  • Soft tub T- 140 Two Person spa
  • Soft tub T- 220Four  Person spa
  • Soft tub T- 300 + Six Executive  Person spa

How much are Soft tubs and what are their specifications?

Soft tub T- 140 Two Person spa is ideal for a pair where single to two people can enjoy their time.

Soft tub T-140 Specification is, it is for 1-2 people. Its outer diameter is 60″. Its inner diameter is 49″. The height is with a safety of 24″ height with 4 Jets, 140 Gallons, 45lbs (empty), 16lbs Thermal Lid, and Filled Weight: 1300lbs 1hp, 115v, and 15Amp.

The cost of the T-140 as suggested by the manufacturer is $3,595.00.

SoftubT-220 Four Person Executive Spa

This can accommodate till four people. One can enjoy with family and friends and can make their weekend timing more memorable.

Here is the answer for the question that: how much are Soft tubs for the model T-220 Specification

From one to four people can enjoy their time. Its outer diameter is 71″. Its inner Diameter is 60″. It’s Height24″, with 5 Jets, 220 Gallons, 65lbs (empty) 21lbs Thermal Lid, Filled Weight: 2000lbs, 1hp, 115v, 15Amp.

The cost of the T-220 as suggested by the manufacturer is $4,495.00

Soft tub T-300+ Six Person Executive Spa

Soft tub T-300+ price and specification: Family and friends from one to six people can relish and relax. Its outer diameter is 78″. Its inner diameter is 66″. It comes with the height of  27″, with 7 Jets, 300 Gallons, 73lbs (empty), 30lbs Thermal Lid, Filled Weight: 2700lbs, 1.5hp (e), 115v, 15Amp, PLUS ,Therapy Seat Spa Light.

The cost of the T-220 as suggested by the manufacturer is $ 5,195.00

Setting up of a Soft tub: Location

The Soft tub will be delivered securely by the dealer to the preferred place of the user. Before that, one must decide where it must be placed. On the terrace to take a sun bath as well as to relax. In the garden, or at the backyard or any other place of owner’s preference! One can also place in his bedroom and can enjoy watching television too. It is the comfort of the user to decide the place of his choice. The location is very important as it plays a major role in creating special kind of feelings for the people.

Fixation: Once the location is decided the tub and hydrometer will be fixed up in the particular place.

Getting started

What is needed is a simple garden hose to fill the Soft tub with water. Then one must plug in the power cable into a 220V/230V GFCI outlet. It is suggested to close the thermal cover to safeguard it from dirt and also to stop one using it while it is getting heated.

Using soft tubs provides both physical as well as mental refreshment and it really makes one healthy and active. It is directly available from the manufacturers and it is also available with offers from Amazon and e-bay.

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