How Long Do Soft Tubs Last

Hip Hip!  There is a hot tub! There is nothing to be more than happy about it. A soft tub is made from a soft material and it does not have molded seats like a normal hot tub. It is likely to be easy on the skin and the chances of bruises are pretty rare. They are available in a variety of models and it can accommodate from 2 to 6 people. All this is really worth the time and effort for sure

Reasons on why to choose soft tubs


You can relax and enjoy some peaceful time. The motors employed in the soft tubs should be the quietest in the industry


It should be light, easy to handle and installation process needs to be fairly simple. It should provide you with an opportunity of exploring the endless possibilities in terms of comfort

Weather resistant

Be it rain, summer or winter, an ideal soft tub should be able to withstand the harshest of conditions. They are built to last in such a way that it is durable and can serve you for many years.


Most of the soft tub should have intensive and water care procedures in a hygienic manner. This should need to allow you fewer chemicals and at the same time provide you with crystal clear water.


An idea soft tub should have innovative foam, the process of installation should be easy and it should offer a deviation from the routine and destructive type of seating where you are comfortable in any position and can move around with ease.

Comfortable and relaxing

An ideal soft tub should be a heaven of comfort along with relaxation. It should go on to create the most lounging spa that you have been longing for years.

The water treatment process of soft tubs should be a straight forward affair. Once in a week, you should add chemicals and a little bit of more chlorine need to be put if you are using it all that regularly. In an ideal scenario, a chemical treatment plan lasts for 6 weeks. It can make you indeed comfortable as a regularly build one. Most of the people tend to use all around the summer as it provides you the perfect respite from the heat. If it is kept covered when not in use the temperature tends to be all the warmer.

What separates the Soft tubs from the standard tubs in the market?

  • In terms of cost, it works out to be a better bargain
  • There is no form of professional expertise involved in the installation of it. You just need to set it on a level surface and then plug it in
  • Fewer amounts of chemicals are needed and so it tends to save on chemical costs.
  • Less amount of water is required than a regular bathtub, so one can drain it all the more
  • It tends to occupy less space than a standard bathtub and since it occupies less amount of space it is all the more attractive
  • It is user installed and portable in nature. All you need to do is to put it in a place and take it when you leave the place
  • At the most, a single person or a couple of people are needed to lift it. One can carry it in the room or the top of the car.

But all is not a bed of roses when it comes to the bath tubs , there are some pitfalls associated with it also

  • They are smaller in size than the standard bath tube, so you cannot expect to put in 6 of your friends there
  • They do not have seats , benches or  another form of fancy items but a hell lot of unecessary features
  • There is no provision of a hydro massage, so you cannot expect one in the same place

Having said this, the advantages tend to outnumber the disadvantages associated with it. The best thing about a soft tube is that it is a container that contains hot water. It is suggested that you can opt for the small model if there are only 1 or 2 people. In fact, the engineering and the use of the soft tub are bound to thrill you to bits. If you are looking for one with a less impact in terms of budget then it would not be a bad choice at all.

History and insights of the soft tubs

The soft tubs have emerged in the market in 1986 and what is a matter of surprise is that they are still found in the backyard of the house of many people. What that means is clearly to be understood? You can count on a reliable soft tub manufacturer who can give you service for nearly 20 years. They are in no way inflatable, and one is bound to enjoy the flexible comfort and it is light in weight. This means that you can move in and out of the tube with a minimum amount of fuss. If you care it in a routine manner, you can enjoy the service of it for many years to come.

It is suggested that you include a water treatment kit with every soft tub and this will then explain you in full details the process of treatment. As a customer, you will find less amount of money that is spent on your part. In the whole process, you get a clean and a sparkling tub. Most of the standard tub in the market require a heavy amount of electrical work. When you compare it to a soft tub any layman can install it with ease.

To conclude, the advantages of soft tubs are immense and it has left behind the standard tubs in a big manner. You just need to maintain it in a proper manner as it will serve for a long time  in the days to come.

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