How Hot do Soft Tubs Get


Before buying a soft tub for yourself, we recommend reading through our Blog to see more useful article that will answer some important questions on how soft tubs work. In this article, we will explain what kind of a temperature do soft tubs work at, what temperature they can achieve and what temperature is the recommended one.


Most of our selected products offer rapid heating, which will make sure your tub will be ready for use in the fastest time possible. The tubs can reach a maximum temperature of 104 degrees F (during winter), which is more than enough to relax your body and have a fun time. You will never need to set your tub that high, but it is good to know that they have this feature. Running temperature should be around 85F – 95F. This is a temperature that is commonly used all around the world and is deemed most relaxing to the user. Soft tubs can be kept running when not in use. This will ensure that the tub stays warm, which will prevent ice formation, and pipe freezing. Most tubs come with an inbuilt system that will automatically regulate these cycles to provide maximum energy efficiency and will keep electricity costs at the lowest (8$-15$/month).


Out tubs provide a great experience for anyone looking to have a luxurious spa treatment after a stressful day at work, or someone looking to have some fun. The temperatures are set accordingly and will ensure that you will love the time spent in the tub.


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