Various Tips For Finding and Buying Used Soft Tub Hot Tubs

If you are on a budget and still desire that soft tub, think about a used soft tub hot tub. A used soft hot tub can normally be bought for a portion of the expense of a new one.

Where can you find a used soft tub? Go to your local soft hot tub store. Some shops take trade-ins, so they have to sell the used models to get them from their store. Demonstration models can likewise be found at hot tub. These are priced at a lowered quantity given that they have been resting on the display flooring. Buying a used soft tub at a store will offer you the assurance that it remains in excellent working condition.

If you desire a much better offer on a soft hot tub, inspect your local classified advertisements. Buying through a private party is often more affordable than going to a store. When buying through a private party, you will have to actually take a look at the tub. Ideally you will see the tub pumped up so you know there are no holes. Have a look at the heating system, the vinyl, and ask questions. You may be saving cash on the purchase, however you do not wish to have any undesirable repairs in the future. Bear in mind that you can use chemicals in the house to get it clean, so do not fret excessive about that.

Look online for a used model or for extremely marked down products. Taking a look at websites online is a great way to find a demonstration, closeout, or returned product. Ensure you inspect the shipping expenses. Delivering expenses can turn a big savings into a big expense.

The Soft Hot Tub – Portable, Comfy and Self Consisted of

You might have become aware of the soft hot tub by word of mouth, checked out it on the Web or, perhaps a friend or next-door neighbor has one. Simply a few of the advantages of owning this kind of spa is; all its parts are self-included, it’s portable from one location to another, suggesting you can fill it into the Recreational Vehicle or lorry trunk and take it with you anywhere you go. The soft tub is spacious enough for approximately 4 individuals, and is incredibly relaxing however many of all, comfy. The jets are stimulating, and the tub is simple to establish. Just push or roll it into the area you want and plug it into an electric outlet.

Water treatment is likewise excellent for those who are stressed out, or wish to feel the advantages of a terrific hydrotherapy massage. The portable soft tub spa is not just simple to preserve, however is long lasting in any weather condition. It might likewise be used inside your home or brought within anywhere the environment is severe throughout winter. Astonishingly, electricity and water will just cost around $10 additional when contributed to your typical month-to-month costs.

Kinds of Portable Tubs

There are 3 types of portable hot tubs which are typical and popular. They are the blow up, hard side and the fiberglass self-included portable hot tubs. The blow up range is the simplest to establish; often it takes even less than twenty minutes to set it up.

In the hard side portable hot tub a hard side and a liner consist of the water in the tub. The hard sides of the hot tub been available in pieces which is why it makes it simple to establish, and the hot tub can be set up with no issues. It implies that the sides are put up, the liner is set up and your new portable hot tub is prepared to be taken pleasure in.

The fiberglass style of a portable hot tub is larger than a typical tub. It is smaller sized than numerous other hot tubs. You can install it in your home because it is small enough to go through basic doors. This is frequently selected by individuals who desire an indoor soft tubs warranty.

This kind of portable hot tub can be put on basic supported floorings. If you like, you can examine local building regulations, so that you know the quantity of weight per square foot your flooring can support. All that you require at the set up place is a basic electric outlet. A few of the portable tubs can hold up to 6 grownups at a provided time.

Portable hot tubs are likewise offered on lease. The deals are so different, that you may find it challenging to pick the ideal one and the right accessories which opt for it. All portable hot tubs have in any case seats, lights and hydrotherapy jets. And there are full-featured portable hot tubs which can treat you with warm water fun, hydrotherapy and relaxation.

Why are small hot tubs so popular? Here are a few of the leading factors:

  1. Health advantages. Can you imagine getting back after a long day at work and slipping into great warm water rising with jet sprays to massage your worn out throbbing muscles? What a cool way to eliminate the tension and stress in your bones and muscles. Individuals with arthritis have found welcome relief being in the warm swirling water.
  2. Benefit. Numerous houses, houses and backyards simply do not have the room for a bigger more irreversible kind of hot tub. The ease of setting up a portable inflatable tub is extremely attractive. These tubs generally come total with pump, filter and cover. Simply pump up, fill with warm water and climb in.
  3. Economical. With much of them less than $1000, it is far more achievable for individuals today who find funds somewhat restricted. To be able to take pleasure in the high-end of a hot tub at really inexpensive rates is a crucial element.

What are the Advantages For Owning a Portable Hot Tub Spa

If you have been considering acquiring an portable hot tub spa however are still uncertain, let me assist you make your decision by informing you about the 4 most popular things to keep an eye out for.

Portable Spas – Inflatable or not?

Nowadays you can select portable spas that are made from a molded plastic or you might opt for an inflatable variation.

The formed plastic models are made from a sturdy plastic product that is really hard using so cannot be harmed quickly and will last a very long time. They have 2 skins with a foam filling insulation that assists keeps the water temperature consistent so it will be more effective to run. They generally seat 4 individuals, however the seating positions are formed into the plastic so although it might offer you more support, it will be harder to walk around.

The inflatable spas are made from a thick strong UPVC that will not tear and these models are insulated by the air that between. Some models likewise have an extra insulating panel that fits around the outside. Because they do not have fixed seating positions they can hold in between 4-6 individuals and it is really simple to move around in them.

Rate is Much Lower than a standard Hot Tub

The expense of a portable hot tub spa is a portion of the expense of standard hot tub. Standard hot tubs will cost countless dollars whereas a portable variation will set you back hundreds. The formed plastic portable hot tub spa nevertheless is more pricey that the inflatable model.

Setting up is Easy

Setting up both the plastic and inflatable models is extremely simple to do and can be done by the typical individual, so no pricey setups services are needed. For both models you will nevertheless require a strong flat surface where to put it. Both models feature all the required pumps and repairing devices needed.

Take it with you

The primary advantage of a portable soft tubs winter use is that you can take it with you when you move home and the inflatable variations are much more portable because you can take it on getaway if you are going outdoor camping or to a friends home, because when deflated they fold flat and can be loaded into a bag with ease. While a portable hot tub spa will typically not last as long as an irreversible one, there are portable spas that with appropriate care will withstand years of use.

Hot Tubs Inside And Out

Hot tubs are a fantastic way to relax after a long day at work. They are likewise advantageous for those who have medical conditions or injuries. Having your very own can be extremely practical. Prior to choosing on buying one, you will require to select one of the lots of ranges of spa that are readily available. There are numerous ranges readily available and one might be personalized suit your needs and readily available space. There are both indoor and outside variations of hot tubs.

Aluminum Covers

As its name recommends, these covers are made from quality aluminum. Aluminum is a kind of metal that is light and rust-free. Many aluminum hot tub covers can hold up against as should as 1000 pounds of weight over it. And it is the greatest kind of cover there is. It is so difficult you need not buy other cover at all because this type might last you a life time.

Soft covers

Soft hot tub covers are the most affordable covers around. It does not have any foam or Styrofoam in its body. This one’s collapsible and is really simple to store. Soft hot tub covers generally costs a little over a hundred dollars.

These are your choices for hot tub covers. If you are seeking to buy one today, take a look at each of these types and see which one fits your needs and your budget one of the most. Hot tubs can be considered as a huge financial investment of any houses. Better enhance it with the cover that would secure it most!

Indoor Hot Tub

An indoor hot tub usually can be found in a restroom and is made from fiberglass. Just like a regular bath tub you would see in a home, these hot tubs, often called whirlpool baths or Jacuzzis, are filled with water for each use than drained pipes when your soaking is total.

Many indoor kinds hold a couple of individuals merely because the offered space is restricted to the basic size restroom. You still get jet options to focus water sprays to different parts of the body for a calming water massage.

Indoor hot tubs been available in a range of shapes and colors to match your restroom decoration. They likewise are available in a range of seat types consisting of ones you can lounge all the way back in or round, deep tubs to sink into.

Having one in your very own home can be relaxing and pleasurable. Surround it with candle lights or soft lighting and include some plants to develop a relaxing environment. Sinking into the tub after a hard day with some soft music or nature sounds in the background.

Outside Hot Tub

Outside hot tubs likewise are available in a range of designs however are normally either a round or octagon shape. Lots of are made from wood when set up outside generally have some kind of decking surrounding it.

You can get a basic Jacuzzi with a bench all the way around it. Or you can even find models that have reclining chairs. Jets and waterfalls are likewise includes that can feature the hot tub to contribute to the relaxing advantages and atmosphere.

A pool spa is used for individuals who have a lot of room in their backyard and who desire the very best of both worlds for their swimming and relaxation satisfaction. The spa is connected to the pool and has warmed water while the pool is a bigger area to enable swimming and workout.

You can dive into the pool for some workout and then back into the hot tub where you can heat up and relax your muscles after the stimulating exercise. You must decide on outdoor hot tub considering the space you have available and what you will use it utilize.

Will a Portable Hot Tub Increase the Worth of Your Home

If you are thinking about buying a portable hot tub have you believed whether it will increase the worth of your home? If you believe that the typical expense is in between $600 to $1500, which is a great deal of cash to invest. Thus you might be questioning if this home enhancement project will be a beneficial financial investment if you leave it at the property when you move. Will you get your financial investment back? Or is your spa just for satisfaction and absolutely nothing more?

The response is it’s most likely a little bit of both. There’s no guaranteed standards for how much hot tubs enhance a home’s worth or if they do at all, however as a basic guideline you will never get back the complete worth however you will make your home more preferable to a buyer.

If you do choose to get one it is most likely best to get one so that you and your family can take pleasure in the advantages of it and whether it can increase the worth of your home ought to be a reservation.

The rate of a portable spa is not as substantial and a brand new kitchen, however it can still include worth to your home as it will authorize the interest prospective buyers.

Diverse from a pool a hot tub spa will not be viewed as the same danger as a pool where children are concerned as they typically feature sturdy covers with great locking systems, so kids and animals can be protected when it is not I use.

You will nevertheless have to ensure (like with a pool) about the soft tubs maintenance, however this is nowhere the same huge offer that it is with a big pool.

It is likewise intriguing to keep in mind that they are less popular in warmer environments than they remain in the cooler ones, because after all who wishes to being in a tub of warm water when it is 95 degrees outside, nevertheless having stated that individuals in warmer environments that have hot tubs fill them with cool water, makings them an excellent alternative to a complete size pool.

Returning to our initial question and it’s safe to say that possibilities are that although you will most likely not return the amount of a hot tub in financial worth, you will increase the opportunities of selling your home for a more practical asking cost than if you did not have one, so for this it is a rewarding financial investment to make.

Hot Tub Covers – What You Should Know Prior to Buying Them

A hot tub is a fantastic financial investment. They can be a bit costly to put in however it is well worth the cash. A hot tub can supply hours of pleasure for you and your friends and family. It can be romantic, or relaxing, it can simply be a fun thing for the entire family to take pleasure in. Because the tub can be so pricey then it is well worth it to make sure that it is safeguarded as you are going to wish to keep it in prime condition so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Among the very best ways to secure your tub from the weather condition such as rain and winds is to buy a hot tub cover. A hot tub cover is likewise going to assist you keep your it clean and devoid of bugs and leaves and all other particles and particles that can quickly wind up there. A vital part of getting a cover for the hot tub is to ensure the security of the tub, however it is likewise there to ensure the security of any children. If you have any young kids then you know how simple it can be for them to harm themselves. Making certain that you have a cover for your tub is a need to for any family with kids.

If you are attempting to conserve cash then you can constantly search for inexpensive hot tub covers however be cautioned. Never make the error of shopping something inexpensive because you believe that you are getting an offer, ensure that you do your research because if you buy something that is of poor quality you might simply wind up investing more loan in the long run. When you try to find inexpensive covers make certain that they are still strong and long lasting. Quality matters with covers, you wish to safeguard your family and your financial investment.

You can search for a range of tub covers and practically all will work so it truly simply boils down to your personal choice. You can get a soft cover, this is excellent if you wish to sit on top of it or secure anybody who might fall near it from getting hurt. If you wish to make your hot tub experience more relaxing you can search in to spa covers in order to include more beauty and beauty to your tub.

If you are looking online then search for wholesale hot tub covers, this is fantastic if you run a business or if you just merely have a wish to conserve cash. The web is constantly going to be your best option in finding covers as you will constantly have a larger choice to pick from.

Here are the most popular kinds of covers:

  1. Insulating covers

Insulating covers are the most used kind of cover in the market today. These covers effectively secure the tub from heat loss, assistance maintain the chemicals in the water and keep particles and other contaminant from going into the tub. They are normally made from quality insulating foam to fend off foreign aspects and unneeded items far from the tub. The denser and the thicker the foam used, the much better toughness you are getting.

  1. Rolling covers

These covers can be made from either foam or wood. What makes them unique is the rolling function. You can quickly roll it off the tub and delight in a great hour’s worth of soaking. No have to ask someone to raise a heavy cover so you can use the hot tub. It can secure as excellent as the insulating cover types and is likewise efficient in withstanding UV’s.

Easy Soft Tubs Installation

Hot tub filters assist to keep the hot tub working effectively and to preserve the tidiness of the bath water. A blocked or broken filter can be a catastrophe given that undesirable products such as oil, dirt, or hair will contaminate the water. Routinely changing a harmed filter with a new one is pricey. If you can keep it clean, it must have the ability to last for an extended period of time. That way you will not just conserve your loan, however you can likewise assist the environment by transferring less waste. Cleaning up a hot tub filter is simple if you know how. You just require a soft scrub brush, chlorine bleach, and a power washer. Simply follow these easy actions:

  1. You require to remove the filter from the tub. Many hot tub filters can be quickly removed from beneath the skimmer. Do keep in mind to shut off the hot tub prior to removing the filter
  2. Eliminate hair and particles utilizing a soft scrub brush. Brush the filter according to the joints and aim to remove the as much dirt as possible. Keep in mind not to brush too hard, otherwise you will harm the extremely fine and soft particles of the filter.
  3. Pressure wash the filter with a power washer. If you do not have a power washer, you can use a regular garden hose pipe connected to a pressure nozzle in a low setting. Spray down the filter in a 45 degree angle till the water runs clear. You can likewise place a broom stick through the middle of the filter to hold the filter in place while cleaning it.
  4. Put a quarter of a cup of chlorine bleach into 3 gallons of warm water. Soak the filter in the service for a while. This will assist eliminate the bacteria along with whiten the filter.
  5. Wash the filter completely utilizing running water from a hose pipe. Make certain you clean all the chlorine bleach traces with the water.
  6. Place the filter outside to dry. Once it is completely dried, you can put it back in your hot tub.

In order to keep the resilience of hot tub filters, you must clean them a minimum of every 3 to 4 months, or more frequently if the tub load is heavy. You are likewise recommended to spend for an extra filter that you can use it while you clean the other one.

Ways to Start Your very own Mobile Soft Tub Rental Business

If you like fulfilling new individuals and staying in business on your own, than this is a business that I believe would be a truly fun business to establish, and do. Particularly going to individuals’ homes, and working and setting up soft tubs & hot tubs for them. These are made so you can make them portable, and lease them out to individuals for the day, weekend or week.

You would come by and establish the portable hot tub with soft tubs installation manual, then return when they are made with it and pick it back up. You would set it up for them, and provide a fast presentation, and inform them to have a good time. When you return after the rental time is done, you would clear the water, and take the hot tub away. You might comprise a flier with your rates and rental rates on it, and get them lost consciousness. A flier works so well for business products like this. Individuals get a flier, and after that inform somebody they know, who may wish to lease one, or it simply may offer the individual a concept, who simply check out the flier to believe, “hello, I’m going to shock my better half, and make a satisfying weekend or anniversary surprise for her.

There are numerous reasons that somebody would wish to lease a hot tub! The item is to develop to having a number of portable hot tubs at hand, and getting some assistants to assist set them up for you, when you get to hectic to do the jobs yourself! This is like the pool man’s job. Ultimately you will be surrounded by girls in bikini’s that wish to swim in the hot tub! Who might request for a bulk time or full-time job than setting up hot tubs!

Hot Tubs – Deal with With Care

While the delights and restorative advantages of owning a hot tub are numerous they likewise need some special care. Anyone who owns a hot tub ought to comprehend that they are not simply small pool and the care needed is much different then what is required with swimming pools. There are lots of distinctions in between a pool and a spa/hot tub and these require a different and more tactical plan for care.

Noted listed below are a few of the significant distinctions in between spa/hot tubs and swimming pools:

Greater evaporation rate – This results in more scale and increased calcium levels, with air jets and blowers triggering a quicker chemical reduction.

Water balance – a smaller sized body of water suggests a greater impact on pH, overall alkalinity, calcium firmness and overall liquified solids (TDS) from included chemicals.

Bather load ratio – 3 individuals in typical spa/hot tub = 300 in a yard swimming pool. There are a couple of basic essentials to think about when taking care of a spa/hot tub. These likewise use anytime the tub is drained pipes and filled up.

Know your water. It is necessary to know what kind of source water will be taken into the unit. Some areas have soft water and some have hard water, while some use well water and others use cured water from a town or city.

Soft water implies that there is hardly any mineral content and the water will be aggressive to the devices of the spa/hot tub. If unattended, this can trigger damage to the pump, filter or heating unit. To avoid this, calcium chloride must be contributed to the water. Calcium firmness need to be kept in between 150 to 400ppm in a spa/hot tub. Hard water consists of a great deal of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

What are Leading 3 Ways of Hot Tub Cleansing

The hot tub is a terrific place to relax with friends and family. If you have a hot tub in your house and wish to enjoy its warm water for numerous years, you need to care for its appropriate maintenance. You need to clean it frequently in order to prevent build-up of dirt sticking to its surface and to avoid the growth of germs. Unclean water triggers skin inflammation that might require antibiotic creams for cleaning up. You can bring germs into your lungs while breathing in the steam.

Keep in mind that cleaning a tub is not extremely tough though it is not really attractive. You need to clean it after every 3 months. You ought to likewise clean the filter after every 1 month for keeping the tub in great working condition. Regular cleaning will assist you to delight in safe and enjoyable soaking. You can divide this operate in 3 manner ins which consist of cleaning up the filter, shell and cover.

Cleaning up the filter

You do not have to clean the filter whenever you are cleaning your tub or whenever your filter ends up being filthy. It will be suffice if you clean the filter a minimum of once in a month. This will assist to extend the toughness of the filter. The frequency of altering the filter depends to a terrific level on how frequently you are utilizing your tub. You can have a look at the soft tubs instruction manual of the producer for your hot tub.

In order to clean your filter, simply remove it and spray with a garden hosepipe. Attempt to wash all the dirt caught in your filter so that it does not decrease the speed of water circulation and reduce the efficiency of your spa. You need to spray into the crease of your filter for removing all the dirt particles. You likewise have to soak your filter in a pail of warm water combined with filter cleaner. The dirt will begin drifting devoid of the filter. After soaking the filter for 2 hours, you have to spray it once again with a tube for washing. It is constantly sensible to keep an additional filter so that you can set up the alternate filter and use your tub while one is soaking. Dry filter assists to keep your spa lines clean.

Cleaning up the shell

You likewise have to drain your hot tub shell and clean it after every 3 months. Whether your tub is comprised of acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass or some other products, it is not extremely challenging to clean the surface. The non-porous surface does not let dirt, bacteria or soap film for permeating into it. While cleaning up the shell, you ought to constantly disconnect the power cable. You should drain pipes the tub and utilize a wet sponge in addition to a moderate restroom cleaner for cleaning down the shell. Never use any severe cleaner or other items including bleach. In order to clean the surface over the water line while there is still some water in your tub, you can utilize a natural enzyme item as recommended by the tub producer.

Cleaning up the cover

If your hot tub is exposed to extreme weather, you should have a vinyl cover for safeguarding it. The cover likewise assists to improve the life in addition to the appearances of your tub. It is not extremely hard to get a vinyl cleaner as the majority of the hot tub dealers sell vinyl cleaners. You ought to attempt to clean the cover whenever you are cleaning your tub filter. You have to use vinyl cleaner either on the leading or on the external surface of the cover in order that the cleaner does not communicate with the water chemistry. Use a soft fabric for cleaning down the cover. If you wish to clean the within the cover or underside, you can spray it with a garden pipe.

Consulting a reputed cleaning company

These are the leading 3 basic ways of cleaning your hot tub. If you cannot clean it on your own, you can seek advice from with the best hot tub cleansing service in your area. Make a substantial research work online to find a reputed hot tub service in your area and get the best option for your tub.

Ways to Choose the Right Hot Tub For You

There are some functions of hot tubs that ought to be considered by you when you are buying your spa. Here are ways talked about listed below that will ensure that your portable hot tubs for home are best buys.

Think about the under structure and the shell of the soft sided tubs

There ought to be no bubbles, fractures or any defect on the shell of the hot tub. It must be resistant to UV rays and any type of abrupt modifications in temperature. The 4 individual tubs need to be better looked for correct support along with insulation.


If the portable hot tubs have a wood type cabinet produced itself then it can be considered quite well. At the same time the cabinet ought to include less effort for its maintenance. Artificial products include less care and maintenance than wood things.

Heating units

The heating units that are utilized in hot tubs can range in between 1.5 KW to 11.5 KW in regards to power delivery. Those heating units that can be considered best cover the pipes to keep the water from getting heated straight. They likewise take in a lot of energy.

Pump and filters

The cartridge type filters are frequently used which need hosing off after every 3 to 4 weeks. Think about both the location of spa and the filter for the benefit of cleansing. The sound variety of the pumps must be examined so that it does not end up being a troubling component later on.


The base listed below the under structure can ensure an excellent insulation. Stiff foam through strong layer can best serve this function. This has the benefit of sound reduction however then it makes the maintenance tough. Layered insulation is the very best option therefore.


You have to inspect the number of seats and find the depth or leg rooms of your portable hot tubs. You need to make certain that the control is possible when seated inside the tub and choose a soak test prior to the purchase.

Various Hot Tub Cover Getting Tips

If you are thinking of buying a hot tub or sauna, do not forget to consist of a hot tub cover to accompany your purchase. Hot tub covers essentially serve 2 functions. One, if the unit is outdoors, it assists to keep particles from the tub. And, 2, it possibly assists to cut your heating costs by numerous dollars by decreasing the rate that heat leaves from the tub when not in use. These heat expense savings will more than repay its in advance expenses.

When buying a cover, you first have to choose what type to get. Lots of saunas are created with their own hot tub cover. In this case, the decision has practically been produced you. In other circumstances, nevertheless, the tub is a standalone unit and, if you desire a cover, you have to buy it by yourself.

It is essential that the product from which the cover is made carefully matches the product of the tub itself. If the tub is made of vinyl, the cover ought to be made of vinyl. If the soft tubs accessories is made from a soft product, then so must the cover.

It is not simply a matter of visual appeals, although that does matter. If you place a hard and heavy metal cover over a tub made of foam, you might find yourself in a circumstance where the weight of the cover triggers the tub to buckle. Using like products, you basically prevent this kind of issue.

It is likewise essential to get a cover that fits the sauna well. Determine the opening thoroughly. The measurements that you use will vary depending upon the style of the cover that you desire. Some covers are indicated to be secured straight to the top of the tub with no overhang of the tub itself. Others, nevertheless, are created to have a specific quantity of overhang where case your measurements will in fact have to be larger than the mouth of the tub itself. If buying from a site, the majority of producers will have directions regarding the very best way to take your measurements.

You will desire to compare the R-value of the numerous covers. The R-value is a factor of how well it will keep in the heat of the water. Different covers have greatly different R-values and one with a high R-value will protect the heat of your tub better than one with a low score.

You likewise have to think about is the weight of the cover. If the spa lies outdoors in a windy area, a much heavier cover than regular might be needed. And, depending upon the weight of the cover, you might require a spa cover lifter too if your hot tub does not already have one.

Hot Tub Maintenance – What to Do to Keep Your Hot Tub Functional

Hot tub maintenance is practically a simple job. When the question is why you ought to preserve a tub, there will definitely be quite a list. Let me note down a few of the important things you ought to keep close tracking not simply to keep your tubs functional, however likewise to make it hazard-free.

Technically, maintenance can either be restorative or preventive. In this case, preventive maintenance relate to keeping the tub as safe as it is. It’s likewise the procedure of positioning chemicals and the like to the water to make sure that it is sterilized. Restorative maintenance on the other hand refer to repairing the tub when it broke.

What does it take to keep the tub safe? Here are a few of the extremely important chemicals and substances that need to be well-kept to make the tub totally clean and safe for everybody to use. Let’s compare the 2 most typically used water disinfectants. The most typically used sanitation representatives are Chlorine and Bromine. They both do the same thing, they oxidize natural products, dead skin flakes, and germs that may be present in the water. Their primary distinction: Bromine is stated to last longer than Chlorine. By connecting itself to natural pollutants, it ends up being restored. The most typical impurity used is Chlorine. Technically, they work actually well together.

The next thing that ought to constantly be inspected is the alkalinity. It is the condition of the alkaline, and the measurement of the overall quantity of alkaline buffers in the tub. It is necessary to determine this because it assists a lot in keeping the pH levels stabilized. If this is erroneously determined, the pH levels of the water may vary and be unsteady.

The solidity of the water need to likewise be strictly kept an eye on. When water is considered hard, it indicates that it has high magnesium or calcium salts. It is extremely crucial that this is maintained at a balance. If the water is too hard, there will probably be scale deposits, on the other hand, if the water was too soft, it can harm the metal fittings of you tub.

There are still a lot more chemicals and substances that can be used to preserve and keep the tubs safe, clean, and working fine. These are simply the fundamentals, and the key thing here is balance. Ought to everything is balance, then anticipate that you can delight in the tub longer and much safer. Pick Hot Tubs Direct strongly thinks that checking out the fine print of the handbooks can assist a lot in informing you or whoever would be keeping the tubs clean and safe. For sure, you will be delighting in all the advantages of your tub without being stressed over the tub breaking down.

You can include chemicals to the water in the tub if you choose to so regarding make the water cleaner and more clear. If you are going to use chemicals, make certain you get the appropriate producer recommended chemicals. They will generally define which kind of chemical to use in their brand of inflatable hot tub.

Soft Tubs Reviews

How To Choose a Soft Tub

With lots of brands, sizes, and shapes of soft tubs available in the market, it can get quite confusing for you when you want to purchase a soft hot for your use. You should be clear about your requirements and take care of the following points so that you don’t go wrong in your decision. Soft tubs don’t come cheap; therefore, you need to make a qualified decision in this aspect.

  • Space available

This is the most important factor that you need to consider while buying soft tubs. Knowing your availability will help you ascertain the size and shape of soft tubs. For example, square tubs occupy lesser space than the round ones. Also, your space will decide the capacity of your tub. If you only have limited space, you cannot buy a tub that holds up to 6 people, for obvious reasons.

  • Purpose

You need to be clear on the purpose for which you require the soft tub for. Do you require it individual enjoyment? Do you plan to visit friends over frequently and plan to have a pool party in your tub quite often? Are you looking for a soft hot tub for treatments and other therapeutic purposes? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a soft tub.

  • Electrical consumption

Have a clear idea of how much of power your household appliances are already consuming and then choose soft tubs accordingly.  These tubs come with 120 Volts or 220 Volts. Knowing your existing power capacity and choosing the right unit can reduce power outages and connectivity issues to a great extent.

  • Authenticity

Always buy soft tubs from authentic suppliers only. When you buy from unauthorised vendors, you run the risk of being supplied fake products that give away too easily, resulting in huge loss of money for you.

Read our article on Are soft tubs worth it?

Soft Tubs Sizes

Before buying soft hot tubs, you should know about the sizes that are available in the market. Currently, there are two main sizes of soft tubs. They are – a) 4 person soft tubs and b) 6 person soft tubs.  The only difference in both of these tubs is that the former can hold up to 4 persons comfortably, and the latter can accommodate up to 6 people.  All the other features and functionalities remain the same in both the models. 6-person soft tubs are heavier and therefore occupy more space than four person soft tubs.

Both of these models are inflatable and come with superior technologies like rapid heating, quick inflation, in-built water filtration system, insulated covers, cushioned flooring, puncture resistant exteriors and the like. These are portable and are designed in such a way to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation to the users. Most of these soft tubs have bubble jets as well, which gives a luxurious spa-like effect. The greatest advantage of this 4-person and 6-person soft tubs is that they are cost effective when compared to the prices one that salons charge for spa treatments and bubble baths. Also, when you invest in a good quality of soft tub, you can use it whenever you want, giving you complete flexibility.

When not used, these tubs can be deflated and can be stored easily, thereby saving your space to a great extent. Almost all the best-sellers in both these categories offer maximum water temperature of 104 degrees F, even during the harsh winter season. They come with insulated covers which help to keep water warm for a long time. These soft tubs are energy efficient and help you to make the most of the power through effective technologies like instant heating, smart inflation and the like. It is always better to read Soft Tubs Reviews on various websites, before deciding to purchase a particular model.

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Different Types of Soft Tubs

Soft tubs are mainly classified into two types based on their size. There are two sizes of these tubs available in the market today. They are square-shaped tubs and circle-shaped tubs.  Many users who want to buy soft tubs for their use, tend to get confused as to which shape would suit their requirements the best. In reality, it needs to be understood that both of these sizes offer the same kind of service, comfort, and durability. They are different in only two aspects.

The first one is on space. If you don’t have many places left outdoors/indoors and are looking to install a soft tub within towards the corner of the walls, square –shaped tubs would be a great choice. The round soft tubs are more suitable for people who have lots of outdoor space. Secondly, you should consider about how often you invite your friends over and how many times you plan to have a pool party with them at the house.  If you are a party animal who loves to host long conversations with your friends in your tubs, you should opt for round tubs. In a circular tub, you have good eye-contact with your friends and participate actively in the conversation. However, if you are looking for a soft tub for your individual purposes, you should choose a square-shaped tub, as it doesn’t involve too much of social engagement.

In a nutshell, square tubs and circular tubs give you the same kind of facilities and benefits. There are no major differences in their functionalities. It is only your requirement and space constraints that will influence you on what kind of shape would suit you the best. Soft tubs prices are also similar to both these shapes. If you have a lot of space and still want a square-shaped hot tub for improving the visual appeal of your place, you are free to do so.

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Soft Tubs Buying Guide

If you are looking for some great soft hot tubs for yourself, you can read through the reviews given below of some of the best-sellers in the industry.

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Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 4-Person Portable Soft Hot Tub, 77” Sahara Tan

Intex has been manufacturing some great soft hot tubs for many years now. We are going to see more about the features of 77”, round model of soft hot tub from Intex here:



  • Comes with lots of features like Rapid Heating, Thermal Ground Cloth, Inflation Hose, Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser, 3-way test strip, couple of filter cartridges, carry bag and detailed user manual
  • Inbuilt hard water system to make water gentler on skin; therefore best suited for people with sensitive skin
  • Additional safety in the form of safety locks
  • Insulated and air-filled pool cover to keep water warm for a long time and minimize heat loss
  • Capacity to hold up to 4 people
  • Maximum water capacity of 210 gallons
  • Water temperature in the range of 68-104 degrees F


  • Comes with Fibre-Tech Construction for extra durability
  • Comes with grab handles for easy portability
  • Easy to understand and use digital controls
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Refreshing massage, thanks to the power of 110 bubble jets
  • Great comfort, support and reliability due to puncture-resistant exteriors


  • Risk of running into lots of fake models
  • Air leaks reported within few days of use

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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Soft Hot Tub

This is one of the most user-friendly soft tubs in the market today as it doesn’t require any technical or professional assistance for assistance.Soft_Tubs_Buying_Guide_2


  • World’s first premium inflatable spa
  • Comfortably accommodates four adults
  • Refreshing massage due to 120 bubble jets
  • Maximum water temperature of 104 degrees F
  • Digitally-controlled automatic features
  • Integrated Water Filtration and Chemical Floater
  • Exteriors are made from  polyester mesh core and dual laminated PVC
  • I-Beam constructed walls to lend extra durability while users sit in the tub
  • Comes with insulated, inflatable cover, couple of filter cartridges and DVD for detailed installation


  • Excellent performance of bubble jets provides soothing massage
  • Luxurious spa experience at affordable costs
  • Very easy to install and doesn’t require any professional assistance
  • Spa water always remains clean and fresh due to water filtration system
  • Walls constructed with Tri-tech material for extra durability – a rare feature indeed!


  • Deflates quite easily within few days of use
  • Water pump gives away too soon in some models
  • Customer service from Bestway is not quite great when you face issues#
  • Outside cover tears too quickly, thereby exposing your tub to the external climate

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Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 6-Person Portable Soft Hot Tub, 85”, Sahara Tan

This is yet another amazing hot tub model from Intex. Known for its durability and excellent technology, this hot tub provides the great value of money for users.


  • Maximum water capacity – 290 gallons
  • Water temperature in the range of 68 to 104 degrees F
  • Inbuilt hard water system to make water gentler on skin
  • Comes with Rapid Heating, Insulated Cover, Dual Filter Cartridges, Inflation Hose, Thermal Ground Cloth, Floating Chlorine Dispenser, 3-way test strips and Carry Bag
  • Fibre-Tech Construction enabled exteriors for additional durability
  • Refreshing massage due to the high power of 140 bubble jets
  • Can comfortably accommodate six adults


  • Easy to install, clean and maintain, as the soft hot tub comes with a drain valve as well
  • Converts hard water to soft water to make it gentler on the skin
  • Luxurious spa effect at affordable costs
  • Additional comfort, safety, durability, and support
  • Very easy to store and transport
  • Personalised temperature settings
  • Insulated covers to minimise heat loss, thereby enabling efficient energy consumption
  • Easy to replace filter cartridges, so that you can keep your spa refreshing always


  • In some models, filters don’t work efficiently
  • At times, the soft hot tub deflates very quickly

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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet  Pro Inflatable Soft Hot Tub


  • One of the most powerful and sturdiest soft hot tubs, thanks to the super-efficient, eight adjustable hydro jets
  • Comfortably accommodates 4 to 6 people
  • Maximum water capacity of 210 gallons
  • Maximum water temperature of 104 degrees F
  • Inbuilt saltwater and hard water treatment systems; therefore very suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • Digital control panel with easy to control automatic features
  • Tri-tech (polyester mesh and dual laminated PVC material) constructed exteriors that are resistant to punctures to lend extra durability
  • Comes with rapid heating, Pressure gauges, filter cartridges, safety locks, insulated covers, chemical floaters and DVD with detailed instructions


  • Refreshing and luxurious spa massage at the touch of a button
  • Can be easily set up indoors and outdoors within minutes
  • Water pump is easily inflatable
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Personalised settings and rejuvenating bubble baths at affordable costs
  • Comes with two, easy-lift handles for transporting this easily
  • Cushioned floor pads for extra feet comfort


  • Jets & Heater, Bubbles & Heater, Jets & Bubble combinations cannot be used simultaneously
  • Deflates quite quickly as the spa develops holes easily
  • Takes a long time to troubleshoot if something goes wrong

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Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Soft Tub

FeaturesSoft Tubs Buying

  • Comes with the power of 120 bubble jets
  • External walls of the tub are coated with high quality of fabric to provide extra durability
  • Clean and refreshing spa water, thanks to a couple of filter cartridges
  • Comes with two, easy to lift handles to enable easy movement
  • Digitally controlled features with easy to operate control panel
  • Cushioned floor pads to provide extra feet comfort
  • I-Beam constructed walls to prevent bending while users sit on the walls
  • Comes with rapid heating, filter cartridges, insulated cover, chemical floater and DVD with detailed user manual
  • Maximum water temperature of 104 degrees F


  • Luxurious and refreshing massage within minutes
  • Great durability and support
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Easy to transport to various places
  • Easy to store when not in use, as it comes along with a carry bag
  • Tub inflates quite quickly when compared to other models
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to replace cartridges
  • Insulated cover helps to minimise heat loss
  • Excellent spa experience at affordable costs
  • Great value for money
  • Ultimate relaxation for sore muscles


  • In some rare cases, the tub deflates quite quickly.

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MSpa B-130 Camaro 4-Person Inflatable Spa with Smart Inflation


  • Unique design
  • Refreshing massage powered by 110 air bubble jets
  • Maximum water capacity of 184 gallons
  • Maximum water temperature of 104 degrees F
  • Comes with rapid heating, insulated cover, and other smart technological features
  • Made from high quality, durable and puncture-resistant materials
  • Minimises heat loss
  • Inbuilt hard water treatment system


  • Sustains water heat for a long time
  • Very cost effective
  • Comes with smart inflation and smart heating system, providing great value for money
  • Very easy to install
  • Luxurious spa experience within minutes
  • Holds up to 2 people comfortably – a good deal for its price
  • Excellent relaxation for sore muscles
  • Tub inflates within minutes
  • Tub makes water soft, so it is apt for people with sensitive skin
  • Compatible with chlorine granules, 3-way test strips and more
  • Can be used indoors in some locations
  • Very compact, so it doesn’t use much of space
  • Great for enjoying a few relaxing drinks and bubble baths with your loved ones


  • In some cases, water pump stops working within few days of use
  • Thermostat is not of great quality
  • Currently, doesn’t have any holders or trays for drinks and refreshments

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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Paris Inflatable Soft Tub


  • One of the sturdiest models from Bestway
  • Accommodates up to 4 to 6 people comfortably
  • Maximum water capacity of 250 gallons
  • Maximum water temperature of 104 degrees F
  • Comes with rapid heating, safety locks, insulated and air-filled cover to keep water warm, chemical floater, ground mat, couple of easily replaceable filter cartridges and DVD with detailed installation instructions
  • Different user settings visible through seven coloured LED lights
  • Luxurious Lay-Z-Spa massages feature
  • Puncture-resistant exteriors for extra durability


  • Refreshing massage within minutes
  • Luxurious spa experience at home at affordable costs
  • Classy look with great exteriors and excellent durability
  • Easy to install as it requires no professional intervention
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with handles, which makes it easy to transport to various places
  • Cushioned floor air pads for extra feet comfort
  • Inflatable Cover and safety locks protect water from all kinds of debris and dirt


  • Some models deflate quite quickly; these are very few instances, though
  • Outside cover gets torn off quickly in some models
  • Constant incidents of air leaks reported in some models
  • Customer support helpdesk of Bestway is not one of the best in the world

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Soft Tub Care

Having a luxurious spa-like tub right within your home is indeed a moment of pride. If you want to get the full benefits of the relaxing bubble baths and enjoy rejuvenating sessions now and then, you need to ensure that your tubs are maintained properly. You should take enough care of them and clean them regularly for them to provide you the required benefits. Here are some tips for your soft tub care:

  • Be cautious with chemicals

When you are using soft tubs, you should be very careful while adding chemicals to the water in them.  When you use these tubs on a regular basis, there are chances of your tubs getting stained by mineral deposits and residues. To avoid this, you can add mild stain removers to your tubs before you refill them every time. Also, take care to ensure that you add chemicals only water has become warm enough so that chemicals dissolve easily. Yu can also sanitize your water regularly so that it is free from bacteria.

  • Regular maintenance

You should never use harsh soaps or detergents while cleaning your tubs, as this can result in scratches and cracks.  Remove your filters at least once a month (twice is recommended, clean them nicely and then insert them back again into the tub after water has heated up nicely. Replace your cartridges according to the instructions given by the manufacturer, so that they don’t clog up your tubs. Once in every three months, it is recommended to drain out your tubs completely and clean them. Check with your manufacturer if you have any doubts regarding the products that you can use with your tub so that you don’t end up damaging the interiors of your tub. Always be gentle when you use cleaners, minerals, sanitizers and other products to maintain your soft tub.

How Much Electricity does a Soft Tub Use

Soft tubs can be used with any standard 110V outlet. It requires a minimum of the 15-amp unit at least so that it doesn’t cause power outages or shutdowns often. Soft tubs are highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption. When you buy a branded soft tub from a reliable supplier, you can enjoy about 20 minutes of hot bubble bath every day (water temperature of maximum 104 degrees F) and still pay just about $14 towards your power bills every month.

You can check online if there are any used soft tubs for sale as well if you are looking to cut down your initial investment and pay only electricity bills.  There is an inbuilt heat recovery system in these hot tubs which helps to sustain the warmth of water for a long time, thereby saving a lot of power. Apart from this, you can also follow some simple tips to ensure that your hot tubs consume lesser power than their actual levels. You should always heat water in the tub with your spa covers on, never run the jets when spas are in use and consider using a solar power-generated hot tub to reduce your power bills considerably. Also, always buy spas that recycle the motor heat and not the ones that have their inbuilt heating elements, if you want to save electricity.

Electricity costs may vary during winter.

Best Soft Hot Tubs on The Market in 2018 Reviews

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Soft Hot Tub

soft hot tubsI just bought Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set through the online store. It’s simply fantastic Spa set I got that is portable and easy to use. I enjoyed the bath with my three children at the weekend in the PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set as it’ size can accommodate four people at a time. So, I wanted to purchase a big size bubble massage; Spa set for us. The product looks beautiful and comes in a good packaging. I would love to introduce you to the amazing features of this Spa set such as good heating system, two filters, 3-way test strip, floating pool chlorine dispenser and the rest of the safety features that I liked most.

The water pool that is programmed automatically to make the water hotter and offers customised options to regulate the temperature. It offers full comfort to enjoy Spa bath in warm water during the winter season. All in all, it’s a cost-effective Spa bath set. I would recommend families and individual to buy this wonderful product and enjoy an amazing bubble Soft hot tub at home. Yes, I got the delivery of product on time. So, full marks to the manufacturers of the Spa set.


Lay-Z Spa Miami AirJet Inflatable Soft Hot Tub

Soft Hot tubsI often get tired in the office due to hectic work schedule and immense pressure from my boss! After coming home, I would love to take a hot spring Spa bath that takes my tiredness away. So, I wanted to buy the best quality inflatable soft hot tub for home.

Finally, I got Lay-Z Spa Miami AirJet Inflatable Soft Hot Tub online from and feeling relax to have a dream product under my budget. It‘s an amazing hot Spa tub for a bath that lets you enjoy the incredible hot bathing experience. It comes in a stunning packaging and has made furnished from each side. It holds a huge water capacity and includes brilliant features like rapid heating, water-filtration system, digital control system, automatic start/stop heating system, etc.

Besides, the tub has enough space for 2-4 persons. I am truly delighted to have this ultimate Spa hot bath tub that I can operate according to my need and enjoy a hot bath in an easy and safe manner. I would give full marks to the makers of this ultra stylish and fully secure hot bath tub that is fully secure. Also, the cost of the tub is reasonable that is another plus point.


Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

soft hot tubsI was in search of a top-quality portable bath tub under the budget. I visited and found ample of options in bath tubs’ range. I choose Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set due to several reasons. It is a modern looking bubble massage Spa set that is designed precisely. It comes loaded with high-grade features such as inflation hose, two filter cartridges, 3-way test strips, thermal ground cloth, Spa, insulated cover, and lots more. All features are amazing and add more value to the product. Moreover, the tub holds huge space for proper seating of 6 people. Water in tub seems so light and warm that is automatically maintained. Also, the temperature can be adjusted as per requirement. The water capacity of tub 290 gallons is enough to enjoy bathing for multiple people at one time. I used this bubble massage Spa bath tub and experienced the comfort of a luxury Spa bath at my home. Outstanding product guys! Now, I enjoy bathing in this bubble massage, Spa tub every day. Also, it is a cost-effective product I got online. Yes, the delivery was on time. So, full marks to the product. No complaints!


SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Soft Hot Tub

Soft Hot Tubs 2I was looking for an inflatable hot tub for my home use. I visited many websites online but did not find the product of my choice. At, I just checked the category of hot tubs and found outstanding items. I was amazed to a see listing of several ultra stylish, sturdy and modern design Spa hot tubs available at the affordable prices. I made wise comparison among the glut, and choose SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub that matches to my requirement. I would like to tell you why I bought this one. The product is designed brilliantly and is easy to use. Besides, it comes with amazing features that make it comfortable to use anytime.

Due to the portability of the product, I found is suitable to carry anywhere. The hot tub is equipped with fast heating and water filtration system that makes bathing more secure and enjoyable. With huge space, this tub offers easy sitting of 4-6 persons at one time. I used this hot bath tube many times and found it perfect for buying for all customers. Hence, the people looking for the hot Spa tub for home use, you can check out this option at that comes at highly affordable prices too.



My search for a modern design and automated soft hot tub ends at M Spa Model B-90 Alpine Hot Tub, 62 by 62 by 27-Inch, Black. I am truly delighted to have this product that lets me enjoy a luxury bathing experience at home. I bought it from at highly competitive price. The tub looks stunning in its black colour and is made up of premium 3-layer laminated PVC material. Besides, the tub is blessed with high-end features like built-in heater, power control box, air bubble jets, etc. With these options, you can operate functions of tub easily and enjoy the amazing bathing experience as per connivance. The tub is easy to expand and fold. I tried it on my, own, and it took only 30 minutes hardly. Moreover, it’s easy to use through provided touch control buttons that helps in regulating water temperature a for a bath. Interestingly, the product has made absolutely secure for a safer bathing experience. Little maintenance cost, another advantage I found in it. The tub holds water capacity up to 184 gallon that is huge for multiple people bathing. All in all, I got an ultimate soft hot tub for my home at a pocket-friendly price.


Surprising Health Advantages of Utilizing a Soft Tub

Hot tubs are an outstanding addition to your house. With a hot tub in your house, you get to

take pleasure in the numerous health advantages it uses. Taking in a hot tub is the supreme

way to eliminate psychological and physical tension. Not simply tension, these hot tubs work

for physical and skin-related issues too.

These units use you an excellent relaxing service with different health advantages. Today,

there are a number of producers providing low range hot tubs for home use. With the launch

of such inexpensive Soft tubs parts in the market, one gets to enjoy its take advantage of

Soft Tubsthe convenience of one’s home without the requirement of marching and spending for the

same. Well, numerous advantages of utilizing a hot tub are absolutely among the main

factors behind the appeal of these pieces. Let us know more about the same.


Advantages of a Soft Tub

Tension Relief

Tension relief is among the upper health advantages. While you take in a hot tub, it provides

you a relaxing experience and relieves your body. Hot tubs include several massage jets

which provide you a relaxing massage and help in reducing your psychological tension. The

system uses ideal relaxation to the mind and body and results in obvious enhancement in


Physical Advantages

Physical advantages consist of enhancement in issues like muscle pressure, neck and back

pain, lower pain in the back, arthritis, joint discomfort and foot discomfort. It is likewise

helpful for those having a hypertension issue and for those experiencing tiredness. Among

the advantages of a hot tub after exercise is that it assists in alleviating small discomfort in

the muscles and joints.

Skin Advantages

Taking in hot tub causes significant enhancement in your skin issues. Your skin texture will

look much better after each session. By including important oils to the hot tub water you can

take pleasure in several advantages like enhancement in your skin texture and reduction in


As you take in a hot tub, the warm water assists open your skin pores. This deep cleans

your skin, launching the built up dirt from the pores. Even more, pick oils and components

that will nurture your skin and offer it a radiant appearance. A regular hot tub bath likewise

lightens your complexion and keeps it issue free.

If you have any serious or persistent illness it is much better to consult your doctor prior to

utilizing a hot tub. Preserve it well so as to prevent any sort of infections and health or skin

issues triggered by unclean hot tubs, so that you can gain the maximum advantages of

utilizing them.

Think about These Things Prior to Buying a Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub is a financial investment to some, and you will absolutely have to think

about some elements like running expenses, maintenance expenses, and service warranty

prior to you continue with buying a hot tub.

Some will see a hot tub as unneeded cost, while others will take a look at it as a financial

investment. Why, you ask? That's because besides using you a variety of advantages that

will leave your body and mind invigorated and worry-free, it likewise supplies a space where

you can consist of others to take in while delighting in a round of mixed drinks, or simply

relax and check out a book while paying attention to your preferred type of music. The most

helpful use is the hot tub's hydrotherapy functions, where its jets target significant muscle

groups that offer you one hell of a session that unwinds tense, throbbing muscles. The

following points have to be considered prior to making a last buy.

Things to think about

Number of Individuals

It is essential to know the capability of the hot tub to prevent including weight to an already

specially-designed item that is indicated to accommodate just a particular number of

individuals. Particularly for big households, you'll wish to buy one that can handle many


Style and Jet Style

It is vital to select a hot tub that does not produce an uncomplimentary contrast against the

interior of your restroom, or the background of your outdoor patio. If you like one for what it is

however dislike its outside style, you can surround it with blooming plants or a raised deck to

hide the outside. If it's positioned inside, this is something you will not have to stress over,

other than that the contrast will irritate you ultimately, so select carefully ahead of time.


Its size will depend upon the space supplied, whether inside or outdoors. Take the needed

measurements of the hot tub and compare it against the space that it will be put in. Be sure

you have enough leg room around the hot tub to get in and out of it. Preferably, a slippery

surface should not surround the area of the hot tub (like tiles), where in such cases it is very

important to keep rubber cushioning around it to prevent losing one's balance.

Lockable Cover

To keep trespassers or curious kids from the hot tub, it is much safer to keep it hidden when

not in use. Do not go with a cover that is detachable; pick one with a lock on it to make

particular nobody can use the hot tub or fall under it by mishap.


We do not have to tension on how necessary it is to find out if the maker is a legitimate

dealer, with years of experience and a track record of gold.

Topping up your tub with more water ought to be done once a week, too. This will refill what

has vaporized and what has been spilled from the hot tub.

Month-to- month And Annual Jobs

About every 2 to 3 weeks you will have to clean your filter. A minimum of once a month

remove the cover to the pump unit and inspect to see if whatever looks fine and dry. The

water from the tub need to be drained pipes and filled up every 3 or 4 months, depending

upon use. Clean your hot tub cover with a correct vinyl cleaner once a month.

By doing each of these hot tub maintenance jobs, you will keep the water safe to use and

extend the life of your tub for several years of pleasure.

Interesting Realism About Soft Tubs

Since America introduced the soft tub in 1985 it becomes the most favorite of the people all over the world. Everybody, after their hectic work, will wish to get relaxed. They either prefer to go to a spa or different recreational clubs.  But after the advent of this Soft tub, there is no need to go out for relaxation. One can leisurely relax in his or her home itself.

Soft tub is a tub, which contains hot water and from one to six people can take a warm bath and can relax and enjoy. Instead of taking a chill bath in a swimming pool many prefer to take a warm relaxing bath using the soft tub.

Why should one go for a Soft tub? Its benefits:

1. Movable

This can be carried with no trouble from one place to the other and fixation process is also very easy. At the same time, it is not possible for one to carry his swimming pool from one place to the other. But this has a convenience of shifting to outdoor areas too. Once a person wants to enjoy his summer vacation in a hill station this could be easily accompanied with him.

2. Soundless

One can be well relaxed in a quiet and calm atmosphere. The manufacturers have given due consideration for this and they have used an innovative Whisper Technology  Softtubmotors and they are so quiet letting one get relaxed to his maximum.

3. Economical

Most of us wish to have a swimming pool but image how much cost and energy it would require in for constructing and maintaining it. Besides, the amount of water it consumes every time is also more.  This Soft tubs very economical than a swimming pool and it so soft and it never hurts the user.

4. Durable

It can resist heat or light it can be used both in indoor as well as outdoor. The Leather Tex the outer vinyl of the soft spa can battle against all weather conditions. They are long lasting and ensure high durability.

5. Sanitary

It is so cool to clean a soft tub. Here cleaning is an automatic function due to Ozonator. It makes cleaning process very easy and enjoyable. Even the lazy person feel it an interesting task.

6. Convenience

It convenience cannot be compared with anything. One can use it according to their own place, time and another choice of preferences.

7. Comfortable

This is so cozy and comfortable to move within. It is not hard and it is so soft to enjoy ones stay within it.

8. Modern

It looks so stylish and takes a perfect fit in one’s preferred place.

9. Therapeutic uses

When one is taking a warm stay in the soft tub, one can get relieved of body pain due to heavy work. It also heals arthritis and relieves mental and physical stress.

Many of them take bath in hot water in order to feel fresh and get relieved from pain. In this case, this acts as a doctor.

9. Safety

Above all this, this provides ultimate safe for all users. One reason why all people will not build swimming pool is a question of safety. Children are tempted to play in the water and at times it will cost their lives. But here the provision of thermal cover ensures absolute safety for children and adults.

Models of Soft tub

There are different types of models of Soft tub available in the market. The most common types are

  • Soft tub T- 140 Two Person spa
  • Soft tub T- 220Four  Person spa
  • Soft tub T- 300 + Six Executive  Person spa

How much are Soft tubs and what are their specifications?

Soft tub T- 140 Two Person spa is ideal for a pair where single to two people can enjoy their time.

Soft tub T-140 Specification is, it is for 1-2 people. Its outer diameter is 60″. Its inner diameter is 49″. The height is with a safety of 24″ height with 4 Jets, 140 Gallons, 45lbs (empty), 16lbs Thermal Lid, and Filled Weight: 1300lbs 1hp, 115v, and 15Amp.

The cost of the T-140 as suggested by the manufacturer is $3,595.00.

SoftubT-220 Four Person Executive Spa

This can accommodate till four people. One can enjoy with family and friends and can make their weekend timing more memorable.

Here is the answer for the question that: how much are Soft tubs for the model T-220 Specification

From one to four people can enjoy their time. Its outer diameter is 71″. Its inner Diameter is 60″. It’s Height24″, with 5 Jets, 220 Gallons, 65lbs (empty) 21lbs Thermal Lid, Filled Weight: 2000lbs, 1hp, 115v, 15Amp.

The cost of the T-220 as suggested by the manufacturer is $4,495.00

Soft tub T-300+ Six Person Executive Spa

Soft tub T-300+ price and specification: Family and friends from one to six people can relish and relax. Its outer diameter is 78″. Its inner diameter is 66″. It comes with the height of  27″, with 7 Jets, 300 Gallons, 73lbs (empty), 30lbs Thermal Lid, Filled Weight: 2700lbs, 1.5hp (e), 115v, 15Amp, PLUS ,Therapy Seat Spa Light.

The cost of the T-220 as suggested by the manufacturer is $ 5,195.00

Setting up of a Soft tub: Location

The Soft tub will be delivered securely by the dealer to the preferred place of the user. Before that, one must decide where it must be placed. On the terrace to take a sun bath as well as to relax. In the garden, or at the backyard or any other place of owner’s preference! One can also place in his bedroom and can enjoy watching television too. It is the comfort of the user to decide the place of his choice. The location is very important as it plays a major role in creating special kind of feelings for the people.

Fixation: Once the location is decided the tub and hydrometer will be fixed up in the particular place.

Getting started

What is needed is a simple garden hose to fill the Soft tub with water. Then one must plug in the power cable into a 220V/230V GFCI outlet. It is suggested to close the thermal cover to safeguard it from dirt and also to stop one using it while it is getting heated.

Using soft tubs provides both physical as well as mental refreshment and it really makes one healthy and active. It is directly available from the manufacturers and it is also available with offers from Amazon and e-bay.